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Getting financial sponsorships for your events doesn't have to be difficult

No matter your experience, you can secure sponsorships for any type of events including but not limited to Conferences, Exhibitions, Festivals, Workshops, Trainings/Seminars, Conventions, Reality/TV shows, Sporting events, Comedy Shows, Religious gathering, Birthdays/Wedding, Arts/Entertainment, Spectaculars, Charity Benefits, Carnival, Awards, Funerals, Talent shows, Concerts, Fun fair, Instagram/YouTube Skits

Attract Sponsors and donors

  • I will help you position your event to attract the right sponsors naturally and get them beg you to sponsor your event

  • Attract Celebrities and Speakers

    I will show you the secret of getting celebrity speakers to endorse your events 

    Attract Media Attention

    I will show you how you can attract media attention to your event to make it even more successful

    Who Am I?

    My name is Olatunde Wealth. I have organized and co-hosted several local and international events with the help of corporate sponsorships

    I have also help lots of events organizers like you, who have been struggling to secure sponsorships, secure lots of sponsorships. If you permit me, I will also show you how you too can attract the big companies and popular brands begging you with cash and resources to sponsor your event; even if you have never organized any event before.


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