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My name is Olatunde Wealth and I help event owners secure corporate sponsors for their event using my predictable sponsorship system.


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"Olatunde dwelt on his own rich experience in organizing profitable events as well as what he has learnt along the way from other masters of the game..."


I am Olatunde Wealth

I have organized and co-hosted several local and international events, with the help of corporate sponsorships

I have also helped lots of events organizers like you, who struggled to secure sponsorships, secure lots of sponsorships with my product, Event Gold Digger-A system that’s been used by thousands of event managers/planners and in hundreds of different event types and markets to create hugely successful businesses with the help of sponsorships. The impact has been crazy huge… my students and clients have now done well over $1 million in selling corporate event sponsorships . 

If you permit me, I will also show you how you too can attract the big companies and popular brands "beg" you with cash and resources to sponsor your event; even if you have never organized any event before.

"...I strongly recommend his blueprint for you if you really want to dig for gold with events sponsorship, marketing and organization. There is nothing like this in the market right now."
Dr. Ope banwo
Dr. Ope Banwo
Convener, Dotcom Awards

Getting financial sponsorships for your events doesn't have to be difficult

No matter your experience, you too can secure sponsorships for any type of events

When you sign up, I will not only help you to secure sponsorships, but will also...

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I secured a 2-year sponsorship deal from one of the biggest financial institutions in the country. The sponsorship deal covers my monthly cost for hosting the event and I also make money with it too.
NK Martins
Creative Entrepreneurs Clinic
Dr. Ope banwo
I strongly recommend Event Gold Digger for you if you really want to dig for gold with event sponsorship, marketing and planning. There is nothing like this in the market right now
Dr. Ope Banwo
Official Member, Forbes Business Council
The best part of this product is that it shows you how to get any event venues and facilities for free and how to attract media attention. If you are an individual or you represent an organization. You will find EVENT GOLD DIGGER very helpful.
JohnPaul Akanmo
JK Events
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Let me show you how you too can get the big brands and companies beg to sponsor your event


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